Salman Khan turns fat for Khan

His name is synonymous with his drool worthy physique. The shirtless Khan, famed for flaunting those rippling muscles and washboard abs sending scores of females (and plenty of males too, ahem) into gasp mode, will soon flash a new facet of his personality in 'Dabangg'…minus those renowned six packs!


The venture produced by sibling Sohail Khan, will spotlight Sallu as a Bihari cop. And since 'paan' chewing police folks from Bihar are far from fit, producer Sohail wanted his bro' minus the fit bod, quite well rounded, befitting the real picture.


With little choice but to oblige, Sallu succumbed to all his food cravings and got rid of his super abs! The actor who is known not to miss out on a single day of his exercise regimen, kept himself fit by opting for rounds of table tennis on a daily basis, so that he didn't totally transform from being fit…to fat!


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