Ajay Devgn: We are not trying to make classy films

Ajay Devgn: We are not trying to make classy filmsIt is more difficult to make friends than enemies in Bollywood and who knows that better than Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, who have been close pals for almost 20 years.

When Ajay made his debut in Phool Aur Kaante, Rohit was assistant director on the same film, and that was the beginning of their long association. Shetty's first film, Zameen, starred Ajay in a leading role, and ever since, Ajay has been part of every film directed by Rohit Shetty.

As the two get ready to release their upcoming action film Singham, Sonil Dedhia catches up with them to find out more about the film and what it's like to be friends on and off the set.
What's it like making action films again after a long gap?

Ajay Devgn: It was a fantastic experience. I have not done an out-and-out action film for almost eight years now. I have been waiting for the right script and Singham was the perfect one. It's a hard hitting film and a complete entertainer.

Promos of the film are prompting comparisons with Dabangg.

Ajay Devgn: We have nothing to do with Dabangg. There aren't many action films that are coming out. I think the only similarity is that both protagonists are in uniform. Rohit Shetty:  It's a good sign that people are comparing our film with a hit film (Smiles).

Katrina Kaif to turn director?

Katrina Kaif to turn director?
Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif now wants to turn director. And she's pulling out all the stops to make sure this dream comes true, including roping in her her Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara co-star, actor/director Farhan Akhtar, to teach her the tricks of the trade.

"Katrina has always been someone who's very eager to learn. In fact, I think we are all always learning in some way or the other. I don't really consider myself qualified enough to be a mentor, but yes I would love to help in whatever way I can," said Farhan.

The camaraderie between the actors is evident, and not just on screen. At Kat's request, Farhan is now letting her edit one of the sequences of his forthcoming film Don 2.

"She wants to learn about post-production, and I was more than happy to let her edit one of the scenes in Don 2. Of course, I also warned her that I won't promise to include that sequence in the film," he grins.

For over a year now the actress has been looking to broaden her horizons and look beyond the screen.

First, she wanted to turn producer by purchasing the rights of a French film, and now she wants to play the captain of the ship with a directorial debut. Clearly, a film like Zindagi... directed by a woman director has inspired her even more.

Katrina says, "This is my second film with a female director after Farah Khan, and I have to say Zoya comes with her own sensibilities. I don't know if it's just because she is a woman, but working with her was a once- in-a-lifetime experience."

Gul Panag could teach Bipasha a thing or two

Gul Panag just returned to Mumbai from Toronto, and she used this trip to learn a bit about the custom rules at the Mumbai International Airport. After all many actresses such as Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Minissha Lamba have been detained at the airport in the recent past for non-declaration of goods!

Gul Panag could teach Bipasha a thing or two

Well, Gul has returned to Mumbai wilth some information... The lady was shocked to find that a 'polite custom official' at the Mumbai airport asked her if she had anything to declare. When Gul said no, he didn't even check her bag, and this left the actress wondering... She wrote on her micr-blogging site: When I asked the custom officer why he didn't scan my bag,he said ( after last f "high profile" cases) people are expected to self declare. So chat with MIA Customs Officer confirmed what I thought:- bags are scanned randomly & unless tipped off or 'profiled' - like world-over (sic).

Well, it's a good thing that actors are keeping their eyes and ears wide open these days especially at the Mumbai airport and around custom officials.

It Is a ruthless industry: Jacqueline Fernandez

While there are strong rumours that hot Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez and Bollywood director Sajid Khan are going around and that some people on the sets of `Housefull 2` even refer Jacqueline as bhabi, Jacqueline (amidst giggles) did confirm that first time in her life she was called bhabhi.

It Is a ruthless industry: Jacqueline Fernandez

But she chose not to talk any further. "I am not comfortable talking about my personal life. I come from a different mindset and I don't like talking about certain aspects of my life. I need to maintain that. And I respect Sajid Khan," says Jacqueline basking in the glory of the stupendous success of her recent release Murder 2, with Emraan Hashmi.

With her very first solo hit, Jacqueline says that she has always understood the importance of having a hit, "but now it is clarified and confirmed that only if you give a hit and your films do well that you are in demand," she says. "My first two films didn't do well. And I am thankful to Bhattsaab who saw something in me when everyone else didn't," adds Jacqueline, who believes that Murder 2 is a big brand, a big movie and a huge franchise. "Because the original was a big hit, because what it did to Mallika..nobody is denying that it is a huge franchise. I couldn't have asked for anything more," she says.

But would having a godfather helped her climb the ladder faster? "Having a godfather definitely helps the way people perceive you, it leads to better things, then people don't bully you. But if you do it on your own it is a sweeter victory," she says.

While there have been umpteen number of stories and debates of who would wear bikini and who would not in Sajid Khan's Housefull 2, Jacqueline confirmed that no actress in Housefull 2 will be seen in a bikini. "Housefull 2 is going into a completely different zone. You won't see any actress from the film in a bikini. It is very family oriented," she said.

With a hit in her kitty, looks like Jacqueline is now taking a more serious approach towards her career and understanding the functioning of the industry in more clear terms. "When you are here for a while you gather a sense of maturity, you start understanding the professional bit. When I first came here it was all fun, laugh and giggles. Everybody was your friend. Later on you realise it is profession, it is business, people make money, people have transactions to make, we have to stick to that and be professional. If you think we are all friends, lets all party, let's be bumchums, it doesn't happen that way for sure," she explains.

And Jacqueline, who doesn't have a single friend from the industry, looks like has already tasted the ruthless side of Bollywood. "It is a ruthless industry. You don't know who is your friend and for what reasons. Therefore I find it very difficult having friendship with people I am working with. I have a great time going out with co-workers but I don't confide to anyone from the industry. At the end of the day they are my competition, so it is very difficult to confide in them. I don't expect them to become my friends and confide in me, too. They have a job to do as well," says Jacqueline.

So how does it feel coming home to an empty space? "I am not alone, I have my cats(giggles). Then I have my parents who come often. But I am very happy coming home to an empty house because I have met enough people outside, talked and talked and talked. Then I want a quiet place where I can relax and do what I want," she says.

Galaxy of stars in Hyderabad

Galaxy of stars in Hyderabad
Ramoji Film City is buzzing with action as two Bollywood movies and four Tamil films are being simultaneously shot there Here’s a low-down on what all is happening.
Madhur wooing Bebo?
Madhur Bhandarkar has flown into town and gone straight to Ramoji Film City to allegedly convince Kareena Kapoor, his original choice, to replace Ash in his film Heroine. What transpired between the two is under wraps but sources say Kareena has almost agreed to sign on the dotted line.
Bebo watching Saif
Kareena Kapoor has decided to spend some quality time with boyfriend Saif in Hyderabad because according to sources close to the actor she isn’t very comfortable with him spending too much time with co-star Deepika Padukone.
Though Saif and Deepika have always denied having an affair, during the making of Love Aaj Kal, everyone on sets were talking about their proximity and Bebo doesn’t want a repeat of that episode.
Also, though very much in love, everyone is gossiping about how the couple have recently been fighting and indulging in slanging matches a bit too often. So maybe they can make up at leisure at the non-tourist friendly Falaknuma Palace where they plan to stay for a day.
Tourists hound the stars
While Film City is thrilled to bits that it’s running full house, the actors temporarily living there are said to be an annoyed bunch as they have zero privacy. City tours are organised daily to the studio and ever since word spread that B-town stars are shooting there, tourists are hounding them.
They arrive in big buses and the moment they spot a famous face they get into stalker mode.
Poor Tusshar Kapoor who had gone to the gym for a work-out went running back to his room in five minutes after he was surrounded by sari-clad aunties who started taking pictures of him when working out.
Vidya Balan who is shooting for Dirty Picture is another one getting constantly mobbed. When she walked into her hotel, she didn’t realise that a wedding was going on there. But the moment a few guests spotted her, word quickly spread and almost everyone left the bride and groom to themselves and rushed towards the startled actress.
Saif mobbed
Saif Khan, who is here for a month to shoot for Cocktail with Deepika Padukone, was mobbed by the besotted hotel receptionists. The moment they saw him, they ran towards him and took pictures with him.
Actors crib they can’t even eat in peace as tourists there try to capture every morsel they eat. They just land up at the restaurants when they spot a star. On one day the stars were escorted back to their rooms via the kitchen in order to escape the crowds.
After complaining about getting mobbed and having random fans ring their room bells, actors have now requested for security guards to be posted on all the floors they are staying on.
Love is in the air
Just like how Kareena flew down to be with Saif, Vidya Balan’s boyfriend Siddharth Roy Kapoor is also said to be in town to keep his lady-love company after she wraps up shooting.
Movie time
Apart from bonding with friends Bebo wants to use this time to catch up with her Hyderabadi friends too. When someone asked Kareena how come she has friends in this city, she replied, “Why, am I not entitled to have friends?”
She is said to have hosted a private screening of the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for all her buddies here at film city as she too was very keen on watching the film.
On Wednesday, Tusshar Kapoor is organising a special screening of his pal Rohit Shetty’s film Singham.

Biography of Aruna Sheilds

Aruna Shields is an British Actress of Anglo Indian descent she had made her debut in the Bollywood in 2010 with the film Prince starring opposite to Vivek Oberoi.Aruna Shields was born in United Kingdom. She began her education in a convent school before she got the scholarship for boarding school she went on their in boarding school and get distinction from Guildhal School Of Music and Drama and had also obtained her degree from the Central St.
Aruna SheildsMartins London. Her father was in UK because there was the shortage of doctors in UK but basically her father is an Indian and belong to Bangalore she also having 2 brothers one of them is an Accountant and other is Engineer. She had spotted doing many feature films like Mission Improbable(2007) and Live bailt and Private Moments (2005).

she made her debut in Bollywood in the year 2010 in film Prince opposite to Vivek Oberoi which did was not able to stay in box office it was the flop it was directed by Kumar S Taurani in Which Vivek Oberoi was playing the role of thief and Aruna Sheilds was playing the role of her girl who was a also a thief.After that she was seen again in the bollywood movie Mr singh Mrs Meheta which was released on 25th June 2010 but this movie was not also good at box office Aruna is also a good choreographer.Again she will be seen in the up comings movies .

No more ''Bol Bachchan'' for Genelia D''Souza

Genelia D'Souza would no longer be a part of 'Bol Bachchan'. Though she was supposed to star opposite Abhishek Bachchan in this Rohit Shetty film, there were some differences that cropped up between the makers and the actress over the last few days due to which this decision was taken. A hunt is now on for the second lead in this film that has Ajay Devgn and Asin topping the cast with Abhishek joining in as well.
No more 'Bol Bachchan' for Genelia D'Souza

“For Genelia, this could have been a big ticket into a big Bollywood commercial film”, a source said.
“In fact she was banking upon the film a lot since this Rohit has an impeccable record when it comes to delivering hits. Moreover the film is said to be a remake of a cult classic like Golmaal (the old one starring Amol Palekar) which means a successful outing was guaranteed,” said source.
However, Genelia would have to wait for a while now since there were issues that had started cropping up even before the film had gone on floors.
“All was certainly not well between Genelia and the makers of Bol Bachchan”, the source said. “Genelia was not quite happy with her role as she felt she deserved better due to her reasonably successful stint down South. On the other hand, the makers were not too happy with her either. The differences just did not seem to end and it was in the interest of both parties to call it a day.”
No one knows though whether Genelia was asked to leave or it was the petite actress who chose to walk out instead of cribbing about her role in the future. However, the fact remains that as of now there is a spot vacant for another girl to step in.

Jacqueline ‘bhabi’ on the sets!

Word is on the street that hot Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez and Bollywood director Sajid Khan are going around. Many a hearts might have broken on hearing this news, but reliable sources confirm that the two are more than just being professionals on the sets of ‘Housefull 2’ and are often seen sharing sweet nothings with each other.

Jacqueline ‘bhabi’ on the sets!
Jacqueline recently split with her boy friend who was a Prince from the Middle East. Speculations were that the cause of rift was the growing proximity of the actress with Sajid.

However, with her recent successful release, ‘Murder 2’, the actress has been glowing with happiness, and the reason for that glow can be attributed not just to her new film alliances, but a rather special personal liaison.

If reports are to be believed then some people on the sets of `Housefull 2` even refer Jacky as bhabi. Moreover, Sajid`s sister-filmmaker Farah Khan is also aware her brother’s equation with the hottie.

Jacky, as the beauty is fondly called in the industry first met Sajid while doing an item number for his movie ‘Housefull’. Apparently, now the two are love birds.

Heroine to be revived with Bebo?

Quite a few names have been bandied as stand-in heroines since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan parted ways with Madhur Bhandarkar's ambitious new project, Heroine.

Heroine to be revived with Bebo?

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are the main contenders to replace the pregnant Bachchan bahu. Now, Kareena Kapoor appears to have gained an edge over Priyanka Chopra. According to the latest buzz on Twitter and several blogs on Bollywood, Madhur Bhandarkar is flying down to Hyderabad to narrate the script to Ms Kapoor.

Now we all know Bebo is famously picky and Bhandarkar is reaching out to Bebo after the whole Bachchan fiasco. But let's hope Bebo agrees and Heroine is revived, fingers crossed Madhur!

Priyanka turns 29 on Monday

The B-Town sizzler is looking forward to spend some quality timne with herfamily as she turns 29 on Monday. "Heading home..LAs been amazing..but looking forward to seeing my family..my dad n my brother esp with everything thats happenin wanna b home," Priyanka tweeted couple of days back.

Priyanka turns 29 on Monday

But the busy actor of Bollywood has already started working on her films as she tweeted on her projects and works: "Back in Mumbai. Loving the rains. On my way to set to shoot for Ra.One. Should be super fun." Meanwhile there is good news for her fans as a number of movies starrimg her are scheduled to hit the screens in the coming months.

On one hand she is busy shooting a cameo in the upcoming flick Ra.One featuring Shah Rukh Khan.
 At the same time the first trailers of Farhan Akhtar's 'Don 2' featuring Khan and Piggy Chops have already hit the big screens.

"Lemme know what yall think of the railer ........." tweeted Priyanka.
Released in 2006, 'Don—The Chase Begins' featured both Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka in the lead roles.

Hrithik’s looking forward to working with Kareena

Be it Subhash Ghai's Yaadein, Karan Johar's Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kunal Kohli's 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge or Rajshri's Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon...their fans adored them as a couple.

Hrithik’s looking forward to working with Kareena

However call it their alleged linkup rumour or something else the two were not paired opposite each other for a long time. Stories about the awkwardness between the two resurfaced when Kareena allegedly refused to do a cameo in Karan Johar's Agneepath remake. The film stars Hrithik and Priyanka Chopra.

Hrithik Roshan has however cleared the air about the controversy by stating that he is looking forward to working with Kareena soon.

In an interview with a tv channel, the actor finally spoke about his rapport with Kareena. "I met Kareena at a party recently and we spoke briefly. In fact I am looking forward to working with her soon." The actor was mostly referring to Karan Johar's sequel of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

Kareena however hasn't spoken about her equation with Hrithik. She chose not to answer the question at a press conference recently stating it had nothing to do with the product she was endorsing.

I''m quite ok with age: Amitabh Bachchan

I'm quite ok with age: Amitabh Bachchan
Isn't age more of an issue with actors than with other people?

It's an issue with everybody. Finally you reach a certain stage, and there are cut-off dates – as in government services – you know, you can't work beyond a certain age... So they feel that this is an age beyond which you won't get the maximum out of a person, or whatever. I think sportspersons are greatly affected by this. They have limitations because of physicality; beyond a certain age, they will have problems. We have rare examples like Sachin (Tendulkar) or Rahul (Dravid) who're still there, or Martina Navratrilova, who have defied that.

But after a certain point, because of the age factor, you get certain roles according to your age. I can't possibly be playing a college student or romance a young girl. Ok, we made some exceptions in films like "Cheeni Kum" and "Nishabd", but they were more, I would say, about the unusualness of those stories. Otherwise you normally get to play the senior patriarch or the retired judge.
Or you have something unusual like "Paa". But this ("Bbudaah Hoga Terra Baap") was challenging because of someone's fantasy that he wanted to see me doing those kind of things again. It's physically exacting at this age. But because I'd made a commitment, and because there were these moments in the film – the singing, the dance and action – so I said ok, and somehow managed.

Did you ever experience any insecurity about growing older?
No, I'm quite ok with age.

No apprehensions? Did you ever wish you were younger, or experience something like a mid-life or quarter-life crisis?
God and life have been very kind to me. I've had the benefit of my profession, the opportunity to play different characters and roles, and work with some of the finest talent that the industry has had. That in itself is sufficient to last me a lifetime. I'm just fortunate that at this age I'm still getting opportunities to work and play good roles and I thank the filmmakers for that. But I would accept the process of life, the process of aging, and go along with it and say, I'm fortunate with what I have.

Do you have any retirement plans, or does the word 'retirement' even feature in your plans?
No, I'd like to go on working. I'd like to retire if my body gave up, because our profession requires a certain amount of stamina. There are two kinds of philosophies – either you feel that you've had enough and you don't want to do any more. Or, because of your minuses, I'd say, in a physical sense, you are now not acceptable to the audience. The audience says, 'We're not liking the way he's looking, we don't want to see his face anymore', and therefore you're pushed away. Rather than wait for that moment, I think that's a personal decision that one has to take.

Sometimes actors graduate to doing senior roles – I'd happily go into that and so long as I'm accepted, I'd like to keep working. When the day comes that my body can't move or it's so debilitated that it's not acceptable to the audience, then I'll stop.

Do you want to direct or produce – get into a more off-camera role?
I wish I knew direction. I don't. I'm just about managing to act.

That's a colossal understatement.
Well... it's a great temptation, having been in the business for 42 years...

And you've been in the business for so long, you'd understand the movies...
That's not always true. There are many times when I make a suggestion, and later realise how stupid I was because I really didn't know anything about it. I'd rather go with somebody guiding me. I'd like to follow, rather than lead.

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